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Website information tallies as formal records

Organizations need to have to maintain in-deptharchives of all chronological website information. Pagefreezer’s automated website archiving solution makes it easy.

Automated Website Archiving

Pagefreezer’s website archiving service uses creeping technology, similar to that of, to take photos of your website. Archiving is an automatic procedure that conserves you time and demands no software installation.

Withdynamic monitoring, new webpages and improvements to existing web pages are regularly recorded, so your website wayback falls to day.

Unlike a lot of various other web archiving resources, Pagefreezer’s website archive device can catchclient-side generated web pages by Javascript/Ajax structures, including Ajax-loaded web content. Our answer is likewise capable of picking up numerous action in web kind moves, as well as can capture website information that is displayed after a user event (if a segment on a webpage tons extra web content using Ajax after an individual clicks on).

Live Website Searching

WithPagefreezer, you may view precisely what your website appeared like on a particular day. Log in to your Pagefreezer dashpanel to watcha listing of all archived sites as well as click on a certain archive to open up the website as if it is actually still reside.

View adjustments in between various versions of a single page. You have the ability to choose 2 days as well as check out the textual changes between the two. Removals are highlighted in reddishand add-ons are highlighted in green. This makes it effortless to view precisely what changed on your site coming from one model to another.

Advanced website archive Search

Looking for a specific word or sentence in your website archive? Pagefreezer’s archiving company allows you to make use of highly effective searchfunctions to find specific content throughout all archived sites and pages. Enter the word or even phrase in the searchpub and view all sequential page variations having it.

You can additionally narrow your searchthroughfiltering system for particular archived internet sites, times, and also more. Even thoughyou have thousands of archived pages, you may quickly limit your searchand determine those page you need to have to watch.

Defensible Legal Documentation

website archive are worthless for observance audits and also judicial proceeding unless documentation of integrity as well as authenticity can be supplied. Pagefreezer’s web squeeze program offers depended on, non-refutable evidence, complete along withmetadata. Records are actually timestamped witha SHA-256 electronic signature and also could be shipped in PDF as well as the native style.

Your information is your own and also stays yours. When managing a lawful claim or audit that calls for a bodily copy of your data, or even when you need to have a nearby duplicate for every other factor, get an information export of all your archived reports along withfull and accurate files as well as submit constructs as they fed on a certain date.

Updated: July 4, 2021 — 8:53 pm
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